About Us

Our Story

I set up Sportee Mommee because I was motivated to help other mothers achieve the benefits of exercise and offer the support that was lacking in pregnancy.

​Sport has always been part of my life. Being the daughter of cyclists, I was generally a very sporty kid, but the one activity I never liked was running. This all changed when I became a busy working mum.


I started running because I could fit it into my hectic life without too much scheduling. Much to my surprise, it became a passion and led to me becoming an athletics coach. I then went on to train as a yoga and Pilates teacher, specialising in pre and post natal exercise.

Our Vision

The idea for Sportee Mommee came about when I watched a pregnant athlete running on the track at Gateshead Stadium. I admired her bravery in continuing to train, regardless of the social stigma she faced. This strongly resonated with me and led me to wonder why the big brands like Nike and Adidas didn't support pregnant athletes. Eventually I did something about it and started designing and manufacturing maternity sportswear. 

It doesn't stop there though. I want Sportee Mommee to support women at all stages and ages of motherhood. I personally intend to be as active as possible all my life and my vision for Sportee Mommee is to inspire and enable others to do the same.