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Pregnant now? What will your little Fire Rooster be like?

If you are pregnant now your baby will be born in the Chinese year of the fire rooster. This means your child will be extremely strong willed. To some they will appear shy, whilst others will see their more flamboyant side. In fact, once the fire roosters overcome their shyness they become a bit of a show off. Although they may appear reserved on the surface, they are self confident and very ambitious. They flourish in debates and public speaking, always appearing attractive and beautiful to the crowds they are charming. But, if you don’t give them the attention and adoration they believe they deserve, they will become agitated and moody.

Being stubborn is a strength more than a weakness for them. Once their mind is set on their ambitious plan, nothing will stop them, even if it is a hair brain idea. They are utterly fearless and as a parent you are certainly in for an interesting ride. They will refuse to believe they are ever wrong. Their faith in their own abilities is admirable. And with their boundless energy, unshakable optimism and impressive self-discipline they will focus on their vision to achieve their dreams. This can pay off big time, much to everyone’s amazement. They can even surprise themselves.

Roosters are the most motivated of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac and they are always active. They enjoy sports and make health a priority in their life, which means they rarely get ill and when they do, they recover quickly. Being so active and self-disciplined they work hard to develop their career. They have a strong sense of responsibility at work and are very trustworthy. If you want something doing you can trust a rooster to do it. They make loyal and devoted friends and are always true to their word. However, roosters do like to brag, so be prepared to listen to them talk about their own accomplishments a lot! And to be fair they are likely to be so impressive, you will want to listen.

Key strengths – sociable, trustworthy, hardworking and healthy.

Famous Roosters –  Dawn French, Jools Holland, Yoko Ono, Rudyard Kipling, Beyoncé, Roger Federer, Serena Williams,  Martin Luther King III, Joan Collins, Stephen Fry and Jennifer Aniston.



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