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What’s in a Name?

The name you choose for your baby is usually a big deal. It’s one of the first questions you will be asked by friends and family when you first announce you are pregnant. Some theorists say it doesn’t matter what you call your child, whilst others say a child’s name will influence how they are perceived and in turn greatly influence their chances and direction in life. Whatever you believe, your choice usually comes with serious consideration and a few disagreements along the way before you finally settle on THE ONE. It’s like that when it comes to naming products. Speak to any product or brand manager and they will be able to tell you stories of the long and often argumentative process involved in choosing a name, especially if it involves a very cautious legal team! This is when a thesaurus becomes life saving.

I’ve been through the process of naming products for brands many times. It’s typically a very subjective and emotive issue that takes up far more time than it should and ends up being escalated to the highest level for final sign off in order for normal work to resume. Here at Sportee Mommee we know moms-to-be are on the look out for baby names all the time. If you are pregnant, you will start paying close attention to names and looking for inspiration all the time while you edit your short list. And just as the name you choose for your child means something to you, the names we choose for our products must mean something to us. We hope you enjoy reading about our inspiration:

For this season’s range we decided the names should carry the message that our clothes are made for strong women, because they are.  However, strong women usually come from strong mothers and that’s the twist. You will have heard of all of these great ladies. But could you name their mothers?

Lucille Ball


The Desiree Track Top is named after the mother of the very funny and multi-talented actress, comedian, model, producer…. Lucille Ball


Jane Austen


The Cassandra Comfy Tee is named after the mother of the wonderful, experimental novelist Jane Austen, who was a true pioneer of fiction.


Maria Callas


The Evangelia Stripy Leggings are named after the mother of Maria Callas, one of the world’s most renowned and influential opera singers of all time.


Marilyn Monroe


The Gladys Stripy Vest and Capri leggings are named after the mother of Marilyn Monroe, the stunning actress of the 1950s, nicknamed The Blonde Bombshell for oozing sex appeal on and off screen.

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